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@trwnh literally looped the EP today while working. 👌

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hey y'all please listen to #CircaSurvive's new album/EP "A Dream About Love" bc it is v good

@trwnh HOLY SHIT YES! I remember when imposter syndrome played at the end of their live stream. Such a good EP.

Learning react for work has been a wild ride. I’ve definitely found coming from Vue that I need to jump around more between files more. God I miss SFC. Also who thought style components was a good idea??? 🤦🤦‍♀️

Maybe I’ll learn to love this???

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@Mrfunkedude yes. So much yes. My brother takes forever, stalls mid sentence, etc. I get irrationally frustrated.

@thomasfuchs yeeeeeah they had one heck of an announcement. Only criticism? The better chip isn’t the M1 Pro Max.

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@Gargron is the limit of 4 custom profile fields intentional? Is this something an instance can configure or just hard coded into Mastodon?

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Still sick in bed (not COVID, just normal seasonal virus), so here’s a JavaScript joke

You know, having your own slice of the fediverse is lonely but it does make me have to be more intentional about who I follow and what I see. I don’t see hashtags, just people who make posts I enjoy. The single tenant instance life ain’t that bad.

@trwnh yup… for me it’s my constant need to remake the whole thing so I never have the same site for a year 😅

@trwnh literally going through this crisis right now. New framework? New colour scheme? Who knows! All I know is I gotta chase that dopamine!

This is probably a dumb thing to stress over but it’s stuff like this that usually takes over my thoughts in place of any of the more important things I should be thinking about.

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For context right now it uses ghost cms (self hosted). Wordpress is a meme because PHP but hey, it works. I prefer pure JS but that seems like a lot of work and quite a bit of time before I am up and running. Not to mention that I refuse to use any big cloud provider. I use AWS (Atri Web Services).

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Trying to figure out what I want to do with my personal site. I want to write on it. Sometimes I want to write on my phone, and Wordpress makes that easy. On the other hand I want to build my own blog system because that’s fun. So guess it’s time to learn iOS dev and make my own app :P

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