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Our cat after stuffing her entire head into a cop with some water left in it…

@thomasfuchs huh is this their hosted service? I’ve had no issues self hosting but i figure that’s a different scenario entirely.

It has yet to be seen how much extra AC we get vs slashing damage here, but early reports are promising.

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Web 3D: 3D blockchainmail. The next way to protect your site from slashing attacks.

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Working on something I've wanted to do for a long time but never got around to... putting graphs on the admin dashboard.

Work in progress #mastodev

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sometimes i secretly like kanji because im amazed at how you can put so many big words into just one little character.
Like think of the word "character".
9 whole letters.
meanwhile the kanji for character is 字. Just one character. So much space is saved on paper. And I think to myself "my how convenient". And then I remember I have like 2,800 chinese characters left to learn. And then I go back to hating it. Or I see some heinous kanji like the fucking 士 土. those are two different kanji. one means soil and the other is the kanji for samurai. fucking samurai.


I’m a left wing, apple using, code writing, bi guy with a passion for writing code and decentralized software. I ditched Facebook and am giving this a shot.

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