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I wish you could answer a skill testing question to get expedited to higher tier support. Talking to tier 1 is like talking to a wall. They don’t typically get paid for their critical thinking.

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Me: calls ISP about slow network
Tech: I clicked a button on my diagnostic tool and I see you have your modem is bridge mode. It must be your $600 router and couldn’t possibly be the maintenance in the city that’s close to my area.

Turns out I hate making blogs so I just threw up a ghost CMS instance on my site. Done.

Boy do I love having to restart integration tests in our pipeline like 5 times before I can merge. Confidence inspiring.

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It's actually very possible to pay artists without creating a convoluted scheme involving cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, and blockchain.

Who needs Jeffery Bezos’s AWS when you can have Atri Web Services?

I should preface this with the fact that I am more of a backend dev than a front end dev so component libraries help me a lot. Might be worth learning some more though.

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Building my site with Vue 3 + Directus is fun. Looks like Vue router supports dynamic routing which will make this super slick.

On a side note, I would have loved to try out Nuxt3 if anything worked with it right now. Using something like Vuetify with it is currently a nightmare. Going to go stock Vue cli until it comes out of beta.

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Ugh, RIP Reddit.

I thought it was fake or something but it's not, they're effectively converting upvotes into crypto coins:

And in this dystopian little promo they pitch how monetising your every tiniest action is actually freedom:

Friends: I’m depressed
Also friends: I don’t want to talk about it
Also also friends: I want someone to help me with this

Why do I have friends…

CIV in parallels while working on my website again in macOS. ADHD is good.

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Ok wtf is this a macOS thing?!?! I am playing CIV with friends with speakers right beside my blue yeti with the gain cranked and they can’t tear themselves or my game… what?!?!

It’s hilarious to me how many Albertans actually think Jason Kenney’s useless referendum was anything but a stupid waste of money and resources. I’d bet a lot of money that he just forgot how the constitution works.

Im bored. Gonna learn Swift to play around with iOS development. This is why normal people do when they’re board right? Right?!?!

There is a special place in hell for people who think soft beds in Airbnbs are a good idea.

I see what you’re really up to Zucc. Trying to hide your study of Wumbology, the study of Wumbo!

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