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Learning iOS dev is cool. Followed a tutorial to make this nifty app. Text wrapping is broken though…

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Seriously, please stay home.

If you go meet people you risk infecting yourself and others, which can lead to long-term disability (even if you're vaccinated) or death; as well as straining hospitals even more and rationing of healthcare even for people who don't have COVID.

If you absolutely have to go somewhere wear a well-fitting N95-mask at all times and never take it off.

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Turns out a flu shot and a Pfizer shot s as t the same time is a bad idea. Woke up in the middle@of the night with the worst headache of my life and pain all over. Also chills, lots of chills.

I may have vaxxed too close to the sun.

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New i18n updates! 🎉

➡️ 13 languages supported!
➡️ Changing language now persists across pages and sessions

Now available in the latest commits! #pixelfed #i18n

Anyways got my booster and my flu shot. If I remember correctly that means my 5G signal should be better than ever!

It’s easy to stay on the safe side, but it isn’t always correct.

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The people going “first it was one shot, then two, and now three?!?! They keep changing the story!” clearly don’t understand how research works. It’s a real 1IQ move. Things take time. Nobody knows the answer right away. Reminds me of people who stay safe with religion instead of being able to accept unknowns.

This is so fucking stupid. I need Facebook to access marketplace. Kijiji (in Canada) is ok, but full of people asking you to ship shit to them. How does one sell things they don’t need without handing data to billionaires?

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the water from most fruits is called juice, but the water from coconuts is called milk. the from this and the fact that they are hairy, we can infer that coconuts are mammals.

Can I probably find a way to kill it? Yeah. But that’s not the point. I’m happy with this given the absurdly low price.

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Boy oh boy. So I tried stressing my M1 Mac Mini. It’s the base model with 8GB of RAM. I could run Xcode with 2 sims, run a mode dev server for my website locally, export 4K video, and have discord, element, WhatsApp, safari, and maps open all while still getting 100FPS in Minecraft running in Rosetta 2 emulation. And no memory warnings or slowdowns.

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